Instructions for adding hover definition


1. Find the paragraph that contains the term you wish to highlight.

2. Select the paragraph text and Copy

3. Click above the paragraph to insert a Markdown Block

4. Paste the paragraph into the Markdown Block

Now you should have the same paragraph twice.

5. Select and Delete the repeated paragraph (the original, not in the Markdown Block)

6. Click the link below:


7. Replace SHORT HOVER CODE GOES HERE with the short definition. (only edit within the " "s)

*this is what will show inside the purple hover box


8. Replace with the link to the specific jargon-buster definition page

(should be exactly the same except for 'word')

*If the term is not a singular word, add a "-" in between the two words (e.g. active-investing). This is how the word links to the definition page


9. Replace the second instance of word with the word

*This is the part that will actually be visible in the article. DO NOT add a "-" in between the two words if the term is not a singular word.


10. Select All and Copy

All of this code will now replace the mentioning of the word in the article.

11. In the Markdown Block in the article, replace the word by pasting the code you just copied.

12. Under the Tag setting, add the word as a Tag

*This declares that this article contains this defined word.

13. Save