Instructions for publishing an article

1. Click on Topics at the top of the left column

2. In the left hand column, click on an existing article and then click EDIT

3. Click DUPLICATE on the bottom row of the window that pops up

*Make sure you always duplicate and don't accidentally replace an existing word. Make sure you are replacing text that says Copy of ...

4. Replace Copy of ... with the article title in the first field

5. In the second field, the first block of text is the sub-headline which always goes above the photo. Replace it with your sub-headline.

6. Hover your mouse over the photo until it says Image

7. Click EDIT

8. A smaller window will pop up. Click REMOVE

9. Click Add an image to select your image or drag the image to where the up arrow is. (This is 1 of 2 times you will upload this image).

10. Click Apply

11. Back at the big pop-up window, look near the bottom left where it says CATEGORIES +

12. Click the + and select or add the category for the article

13. At the top row of the big pop-up window, click on the second tab: Options

14. Under Thumbnail Image, click REMOVE

15. Click Add an image to select the same image as before or drag it to where the up arrow is. (This is 2 of 2 times you will upload this image).

15. Find the second field called Author and select the author from the dropdown menu.

16. Click SAVE

17. Now you can see the article and start adding the body copy of the article.

*The body text should be assigned Normal

*The bigger paragraph titles are assigned Heading 3

18. You can save as Draft, as ready for Review, Schedule for a future date/time, or Publish at the current time or a date in the past (all done in the first EDIT big pop-up window)

19. If you want to highlight a word for definition, please see the Hover Instructions