WTO-style Brexit

What is commonly referred to as a hard or no-deal Brexit under which the UK would be left with no trade agreement with the EU. So we would be trading with the continent under World Trade Organisation rules.


In the finance world, a unicorn is a privately held start-up valued at more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS. That’s about £785 million.

A company’s value is measured by its market capitalisation – the total value of all the company’s shares.


The industry calls it fixed income; the rest of us say bonds. Bonds are effectively loans made by you, the investor, to a company or government. They promise to repay the exact investment back after an agreed period - five or ten years' time is common ...

Active investing / management

Active management (the opposite of passive management or index tracking) refers to the use of a living, breathing human being (or multiple human beings) to make investment decisions for a fund’s portfolio ...


We all have an ideal weight range determined by our body mass index. Turns out the same is true for our investment portfolios.

A portfolio is overweight if it contains an excess amount of a single security. If the portfolio lacks a sufficient amount of a security (mainly shares or bonds), it is considered underweight ...

Joint account

If managing your own portfolio sounds like a drag, an investment manager will be happy to do it for you. For a percentage of the total value of your portfolio (or assets under management - AUM), they will make decisions based on the investment objectives and parameters you dictate ...