Top TED Talks to help you live more sustainably

Top TED Talks to help you live more sustainably

The urgent need to take serious action to combat climate change and the importance of living sustainably are becoming increasingly apparent.

I’ve made little changes to my day-to-day life but I want to understand more about what else can be done. After a little investigation, I found five great TED Talks that helped me learn more about climate change, the plastic problem and some steps I could take to help.

  • 100 solutions to reverse global warming

Sometimes it feels like it’s all doom and gloom when it comes to climate change and nothing can be done. However, there are solutions being developed. In this TED Talk, Chad Frischmann shares solutions to climate change that already exist today. From the use of renewable energy and better land management to lesser-known approaches, such as changes to food production and improved family planning.

  • The four things you need to know about the energy you use

We know that transitioning to renewable sources of energy is important but do we know enough about where our energy comes from, how much we use and how it drives the world? I certainly didn’t. This talk from journalist Jordan Wirfs-Brock helped me to learn more by explaining four things that we need to know about the energy we use.

  • 3 creative ways to fix fast fashion’s waste problem

I like to go shopping and many of us do, but what happens to the clothes we don’t buy? It’s easy to think that last season’s clothes are donated to good causes but the reality is that most of it ends up in landfill. In this talk Amit Kalra shares some creative ways that the fashion industry can adapt to be more conscientious about the environment. He shares how companies could gain a competitive advantage with consumers at the same time.

  • These bacteria eat plastic

We’ve introduced Plastic Free July and many places have stopped using plastic straws, yet we are still producing around 300 million tons of new plastic each year and less than 10% of it is being recycled. In this TED Talk Morgan Vague describes her research with microbiologist Jay Mellies on bacteria that have developed the unexpected ability to eat plastic. Could this help solve our growing plastic pollution problem?

  • How conscious investors can turn up the heat and make companies change

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If you’re investing money, you may want to ensure that it is invested in sustainable funds and in line with your values. You may also want to understand more on how you can encourage companies to act for the greater good. In this talk consultant Vinay Shandal shares stories of the world’s top activist investors and shows how individuals and institutions can put pressure on companies to drive positive change.

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