20 money journos to follow on Twitter

20 money journos to follow on Twitter

A Google search for "money advice" leaves you mulling over millions of results. Where to start?

Well, let's try Twitter. Bitesize pearls of wisdom from the best in the business can help. It's not real financial advice (which involves a sit-down one to one with a qualified expert) but these tweeters may help speed you along the path to your own financial guru status.

We've picked some of the smartest, the most inspiring and funniest money journos worth following today - from sages of the industry to rising stars.

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Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert

1. @Martinslewis

Beat: He lives and breathes money saving. Martin Lewis OBE started MoneySavingExpert.com 15 years ago and has hugely boosted his fame with a money TV show on ITV. He started off with jobs in marketing and working on BBC Radio 4's Today business slot. He also got a bit of early TV experience by presenting on Simply Money for Sky. Everything changed when he set up a newsletter to show off to his friends how much he knew about money saving. Today more than 10m receive the email and the website ranks among the most popular information sites in Britain.

Followers: 519K.

Stories such as: His staple fair is the How to... "Martin Lewis reveals how Student Loans Company could owe you thousands" on This Morning, "Martin Lewis explains how to save thousands on your car insurance" in the Daily Express. He's perhaps most famous for running a campaign to help millions of people reclaim unfair bank charges and mis-sold payment protection insurance.

Tweet rate: Prolific - around 10 to 20 a day.

Anything else? He wrote some best-selling books: The Money Diet and The Three Most Important Lessons You've Never Been Taught. Before marrying his girlfriend (the former weather presenter Lara Lewington) he'd frequently tweet about her as MSG - the Money-Saving Girlfriend. As we said... he lives and breathes money saving.

2. @Paullewismoney

Beat: Best known as the presenter of BBC’s Money Box – the first and one of only a few money radio shows. It’s listened to by millions. Paul Lewis is a financial journalist, broadcaster and public speaker. Lots of his journalism is of the campaigning type, getting stuck into anything from student loans to investment cold calling.

Followers: 110K.

Stories such as: “The unexplained quirks of the FTSE 100” in Money Marketing and “Grasping the thistle of Scottish income tax changes” in the Financial Times. He reliable retweets useful titbits on important financial shifts – when rates on new mortgages are quietly rising, for instance.

Tweet rate: Prolific – around 20 a day.

Anything else? Not to be confused with a NZ sports journo with the same name. See paullewismoney.blogspot.co.uk for more from Paul Lewis.

3. @MerrynSW

Beat: Merryn Somerset Webb is editor in chief of Moneyweek, the UK's best selling financial magazine. She is also an FT columnist. 

Followers: 25.6K

Stories such as: "Don't worry - be healthy and find your inner Tigger" in the Financial Times and "Merryn Somerset Webb reveals she was once bullish on UK house prices" in Moneyweek.

Tweet rate: Prolific - around 6 a day.

Anything else? "Why can't I find something like this in a shoebox?" she tweeted, following news that a Chinese vase found in a shoebox sold for $19million. You can also hear Merryn's views via the Moneyweek podcast and she's often a speaker at events.

4. @Simonnread

Beat: Simon Read is a broadcaster and was the personal finance writer at The Independent. You might have seen him on TV as an expert on BBC1’s Right On The Money. He is also a Moneywise Fight For Your Rights columnist.

Followers: 13K.

Stories such as: “My Goodness! My Guinness memorabilia’s worth £90,000!” and “Online criminals stole my confidence”.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? When Simon covered the Spring Statement “as it happened” for BBC Business Live, he promised to save his acerbic comments for tweets. He keeps us entertained with “shock news” such as “pork pies are out of the ONS inflation basket!”.  Check out more of Simon’s stories at his own site simonread2.contently.com.

5. @Dantlhyde

Beat: Dan Hyde is editor of Money Mail at the Daily Mail. He has worked for The Telegraph and Thisismoney.co.uk. He also makes appearances on Sky News and BBC Radio as a financial expert.

Followers: 9K.

Stories such as: “We're being held to ransom by the telecoms giants in a broadband bills swizz” and “The banking revolution opens the door for crooks - steer clear and stay safe”.

Tweet rate: A few days a week.

Anything else? He’s a trailblazer - the youngest Fleet Street money editor ever! Money Mail has a useful Investment Clinic. Send an investing question to the team and if you’re lucky an expert might answer it in the paper.

6. @ClaerB

Beat: Clear Barrett is personal finance editor at the Financial Times and editor of FT Money. She’s also an expert on BBC One’s Right on the Money.

Followers: 10K.

Stories such as: “Women face a long battle for financial equality” and “Loans review won’t help today’s students”.

Tweet rate: Daily.

7. @Katiemorley_

Beat: Katie Morley is consumer affairs editor at The Telegraph. She is also a financial commentator on TV and radio and a regular tweeter on financial issues for millennials. She joined The Telegraph from the Financial Times in 2014.

Followers: 9K.

Stories such as: “Bill payers to save hundreds as price comparison sites plan ‘auto-switching’ revolution” and “Cost of renting nearly £1k more expensive than owning a home”.

Tweet rate: Most days.

Anything else? Katie recently decided to become a “lady crunch-o-meter” for a day in a bid to find the crunchiest crisp after Doritos launched a “lady-friendly” crisp with a quieter crunch.

8. @_Simonlambert

Beat: Simon Lambert is the editor of This is Money, MailOnline’s financial, property and motoring section.

Followers: 8K.

Stories such as: “We might have the most first-time buyers for 20 years – but without the Bank of Mum and Dad they’d be stuffed” and “How rich do you need to be to buy a home? The charts that spell bad news for the Bank of Mum and Dad – and eventually house prices”.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? Simon also presents on the Thisismoney podcast and an investing show. Both explain basic investing concepts and feature star investors, who offer tips.

9. @Jeffprestridge

Beat: Jeff Prestridge is the campaigning personal finance editor at The Mail on Sunday.

Followers: 14K.

Stories such as: “This market wobble and likely interest rate rise is a wake-up call for your money” and “Be on your guard, the new year is prime time for mugging savers’ money”.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else: Jeff ran 10 marathons in 10 days for the Brathay Trust charity. He’s a culture vulture and runs a reviews blog with his son, Closeupculture.com. He’s a dedicated Baggies/West Bromwich Albion FC supporter.

10. @Katebeioley_FT

Beat: Kate Beioley is a reporter at FT Money covering investment. She joined in December 2017 from Investors Chronicle, so knows her stuff. She’s also one of the writers on the FT’s monthly Millennial Money column.

Followers: 1K.

Tweet rate: A few days a week.

Stories such as: “Investors face barriers trying to turn bitcoin profits into pounds” and “Millennial Money: Being single is costing me a shared ownership home”.

Anything else? Her website has some video stories worth watching – from underground boxing in Argentina to making empanadas in Buenos Aires.

11. @AnnaTemkin

Beat: Anna Temkin is a columnist and reporter covering personal finance and property at The Times.

Followers: 1K

Stories such as: “My generation's property plight” and “Customer apathy drives subscription services”.

Tweet rate: Daily.

12. @Jbthewealthman

Beat: Jason Butler is a personal finance columnist for the Financial Times. He is also a financial planner.

Followers: 3K.

Stories such as: “Do adviser offices need an overhaul?” in Money Marketing and “Are money problems ruling your relationship?” in the FT.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? Check out his book: Money Moments: Simple steps to financial well-being.

13. @LShannon03

Beat: Laura Shannon is a personal finance journalist at The Mail on Sunday.

Followers: 3K.

Stories such as: “Looking for low-risk investments? Watch out for the sharks that could end up eating your savings” and “What happens if your energy supplier goes bust? Don’t pay upfront say experts, as a raft of smaller power firms risk failure”.

Tweet rate: Now and then.

Anything else? She likes funny and/or animal-related tweets.

14. @Annabellew80

Beat: Annabelle Williams writes about investment, pensions, property, millennials and money for The Times.

Followers: 2K.

Stories such as: “Millennial Money: Nimbys are holding us back (how the have-homes stop the building of new homes)” and “Student loan debts – who knows how much we owe?”.

Tweet rate: Every day.

Anything else? Annabelle tweets money stories and recently about Times Money’s student finance Q&A with Moneysavingexpert.com’s Martin Lewis.

15. @Taraevans

Beat: Tara Evans is digital consumer editor at The Sun. She’s been a money writer for The Telegraph, MoneySavingExpert.com, Goodtoknow.co.uk, Thisismoney.co.uk and more.

Followers: 10K.

Stories such as: “MILE HIGH CLUB New way to get free Norwegian Air flights and perks without spending a penny” and “MILLENI-LULL This shocking graph is the reason why young people can’t afford to buy a house”.

Tweet rate: Every day.

Anything else? Tara tweets trending stories and breaking news, funny tweets and videos, and new deals. There’s also a Sun Money email newsletter.

Tweet rate: Every day.

16. @Shango31

Beat: Finance and news journo Shane Hickey is cash editor of The Observer.

Followers: 2K.

Stories such as: “Splitting up with a joint account? Beware the debt trap” and “Mortgages: as a rate rise looms, it’s time to fix repayments”.

Tweet rate: Most days.

17. @Jamesconnington

Beat: Investment reporter at Telegraph Money. James joined the paper as an editorial intern in 2015.

Followers: 1K.

Stories such as: “You’ll soon be forced to save more in a pension: Here’s how to take charge of how it’s invested” and “Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin: here are four of Bitcoin's closest rivals”.

Tweet rate: Most days.

Anything else? Funny tweets, anecdotes and observations such as: “Ways I've embarrassed myself as a journalist #568: not recognising the chief exec of a >£20bn company at an event, and breaking an awkward silence by asking ‘so, how long have you worked for X?’.”

18. @Palomak24

Beat: Award-winning household money journo Paloma Kubiak is a senior reporter at @YourmoneyUK.

Followers: Approx 800.

Stories such as: “How to earn £100s from your car” and “Brits urged to jump emotional barrier and invest dwindling cash savings”.

Tweet rate: Now and then.

 19. @lee_boyce

Beat: Lee Boyce is Consumer Affairs Editor at Thisismoney and covers all things money-related.

Followers: 5K.

Stories such as: “Embarrassment for the Royal Mint as student finds Paddington Bear 50p coin in her change BEFORE its official release - and it could fetch thousands" and "Bitcoin price tumbles to its lowest level this year: those who bought at December's peak are sitting on a 66% loss - as professors say manipulation helped it boom".

Tweet rate: Most days.

Anything else? Journalist by day, fiction writer by night. His debut novel The Battenberg Bomb was published at the start of 2014 - a tale of sex, relationships, love and growing up.

20. @Natalierosegil

Beat: Ex-Guardian journo Natalie Gil writes news and features for Refinery29.

Followers: 6K.

Stories such as: “The Cheapest Areas To Buy A House in The UK If You’re Single” and ”WhatsApp Users Can Now Pay Back That Money They Owe Friends Over The App”.

Tweet rate: Two or three times a day.

Anything else? Natalie doesn’t write exclusively about money. We also like her articles on what life is like in the most gender equal country in the world – and why there are so many “headless women” on movie posters.


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