Don’t fall into the flash sale traps: Three things you should know about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other retail events

You might have already secured a bargain gadget in the Black Friday sales this week. And if it’s something you really wanted (or needed), and you’re happy with the price you paid, then fine.

But as the sales go into the weekend and Cyber Monday, it pays to be wary of these flash retail events, for three very good reasons.

What is a recession and how would we deal with one?

We’ve recently passed the ten year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse. The 150 year-old investment bank filing for bankruptcy is often seen as a pivotal event in the run up to the global recession.

We’ve already looked back at what happened in 2008 in this article, where I asked millennial economist Piya to explain the financial crisis.

However, one thing we did not discuss in detail was this: what is a recession and what should young people like me do if there is another?

App review: Starling (4 stars)

I have to admit, I didn’t think I needed a current account “built for mobile”, which is how Starling describes itself, at first.

Despite being interested in start-ups and financial technology (fintech) and aware there an increasing number of these, I felt I was doing just fine with my existing bank’s app.