How to get under the bonnet of your workplace pension

If you are an employee in the UK then the chances are you are an investor already – because you probably have a company pension. Auto-enrolment has meant that more and more workers have some pension savings invested – and the amounts contributed each month by both employee and employer went up at the start of the tax year, on 6 April.

Is investing for me?

If you strip away the jargon, investing is not as hard as it sounds, and there are lots of ways to start.

But bear in mind, this is just an introduction. You'll need to do your research or take financial advice before parting with any of your cash!

Investment funds: the pros, the cons, the basics

So, you’ve got some spare cash and you want to invest it for the long-term. Financial markets, and mostly the stock market, are the first place you look, right?

With its booms and busts you can make money, but you can lose money.

For some, it’s so daunting that they don’t bother, leaving the money under the mattress/in savings account. That might be the right answer if you’re not comfortable taking risks.