Social Security

Nearly every time you talk about securities, it will be about mainstream investments - shares and bonds. To get a little geekier, securities are actually any financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value and can be bought and sold ...

College Savings Plans (529)

Big Sean, Drake and Kanye taught us about #blessings on #blessings on #blessings, but the world might be better off if their song had taught us about compound interest, which earns #interest on #interest on #interest and can rapidly multiply the returns on your investments ...

Retirement Funds

We're not talking about the torturous board game centre around world domination. In the investment lexicon, risk refers to the chance that an investment's actual return will not align with your expectations for it.


You've got a lot to offer. Brains, brawn, beauty, and some people think you're pretty funny too. And these are just your best assets.

In this way, you're similar to a multi-asset class or fund, which is a combination or portfolio of asset classes (cash, shares, bonds etc) that increases the diversification (and prospective value) of your portfolio overall.


Micro-investing is where you invest small amounts regularly, for example by using apps that "round up" your card payments to the nearest pound and invest the digital "change". The apps are normally a type of robo-adviser and tend to target young people who feel they don't earn enough to invest in funds or shares yet or don't know how to ...