Six bloggers to follow for bite-sized money tips

Six bloggers to follow for bite-sized money tips

Googling "money advice" leaves you mulling over millions of results. Where to start?

Well, with an ever increasing number of bloggers out there sharing insights on all sorts of weird and wonderful topics, that goes for money too.

Yes, money admin might not be your favourite topic, but it's one of those things that's got to be done.

To help you on your way, here are the Twitter handles for six bloggers who have invested time in helping you get to grips with your finances.

It's not real financial advice (which involves a sit-down one to one with a qualified expert) but these tweeters may help speed you along the path to your own financial guru status.

Oh, don't forget to follow @MoneyLens. We're praying that one day we'll make it on to one of our own lists.

For more information about getting independent financial help, try the Money Advice Service website or Citizens Advice.

Iona Bain, award-winning founder of (and a MoneyLens contributor!)

Iona Bain, award-winning founder of (and a MoneyLens contributor!)

1. @Ionayoungmoney

Beat: Follow award-winning money blogger Iona Bain for all things young people and their dosh. You might have seen her on TV or heard her on the radio, as she is a regular commentator for the likes of @BBC5live and @BBCradio4. Follow her for jargon-free money advice and inspiration - and her views on how financial events impact young people. She recently picked up a Freelancer of the Year Award from IPSE, the trade body for the self-employed. Congrats! 

Followers: 4K.

Stories such as: "Ban the M words - why it's time to stop talking about millennials" in the New Statesman and "It's never too late to start being moneywise" in the Scotsman.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? As well as running, she has a book called Spare Change: How to Save More, Budget and be Happy with Your Finances. You can read her five rules for young investors here

2. @Hollyamackay

Beat: Straight-talking Holly Mackay set up (@BoringMoney), an independent financial site to help explain financial topics. She passionately believes that investments shouldn't just be for "The Old Boys". 

Followers: 6K.

Stories such as: “Women make better investors - so why do they shun the stock market?" in The Telegraph and "What kind of Isa investor are you? From Nervous Newcomers to Cost-Conscious Investors we suggest the best platforms" in The Mail on Sunday. 

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? She often comments on investment markets in the news and Boring Money's "no death by PowerPoint" events live up to that promise (phew!).  

3. @Savvy_Woman

Beat: Personal finance journo Sarah Pennells' Savvy Woman website covers everyday money, saving and investing, mortgages and property, money and your partner, money and your children, insurance, travel and tax, pensions and retirement and unexpected life events.

Followers: 17K.

Stories such as: “What are your rights if you live with your partner? What to think about before you move in" and "What is a stock market or stock exchange? How can you invest?".

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? Check out her "Leading women in finance" video interview series and podcasts. 

4. @AndyCleverCash

Beat: Award-winning money blogger Andy Webb created in February 2014.

His background is in broadcasting and he describes himself as a “money-saving geek”, passionate about not wasting cash. He says “I really do live and breathe what I write. If I’ve written about a way to be clever with your cash I’ve done it.” The site receives more than 125,000 hits a month and reaches more than one million people per year.

It has twice been chosen as Financial Blog of the Year at the Headline Money Awards. First in 2017, and then in 2018. Andy also runs @UKmoneybloggers and is the resident expert for Channel 5’s @ShopSmartSavers.

Followers: 4K.

Stories such as: "Curve card and app review" and "20% off Co-op eBay store - inc TVs, consoles and appliances".

Tweet rate: Daily. 

Anything else? He is also a podcaster and his UKMoneyBloggers' annual #SHOMOS conference and awards is in November.

5.  @Karagammell

Beat: Kara Gammell is a freelance financial journalist, author and blogger. Her blog is

Followers: 3K.

Stories such as“How to financially protect your family should the worst happen” on her blog and “STUCK IN A RUT: stamp duty is the reason many young families are unable to move home – but what are the options?” in the Sun.

Tweet rate: Daily.

Anything else? Kara published her first book, Your Best Friend’s Guide to Cash: Eight Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Money, in 2014.

6. @SkintMintMum 

Beat: features family finance hints and tips from Charlotte Beugge and Jane Wallace. Charlotte was deputy personal finance editor at both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. She is now a freelance journalist and widow living on the south coast with three cats, two fish and one school-age son.

Jane is a former Daily Mail  journalist and married mother of two. She says one day she'll be a best-selling novelist. Until then, she writes on personal finance and enjoys the odd glass of champagne (/prosecco!).

Followers: 181.

Stories such as: "Junior off on a school trip or holidaying with friends? Find out the best deals on cash and card travel money for kids" and "Avoid these mistakes by checking out our ideas for teacher presents". 

Tweet rate: Most days.

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