10 social media influencers to help you keep up with financial news and trends

10 social media influencers to help you keep up with financial news and trends

Keeping up with news and financial trends is crucial to being smarter about money matters.

There are many ways to get bitesize pieces of information, that might not be real financial advice (which involves a sit-down one to one with a qualified expert), but can speed you along the path to your own financial guru status. Or at least make you laugh along the way.

And with an ever increasing number of insights, offered through social media accounts, blogs and podcasts, it can be a challenge to sort through the maze of information.

We aren’t saying these are the only places to find your information, but here are our suggestions of good places to start your quest to being a smarter you in 2019!

1.       Morning Brew

Platform: Daily Newsletter

Audience Type:  Everyone

I personally start off my mornings with a cup of cold brew while reading the Morning Brew.

Morning Brew arrives in your inbox every morning and includes brief stock and market recaps and an overview of top stories of the day.  There are weekly quizzes that span across current trends and business related topics. 

Why should you follow? Being current with news and trends can help progress your career to build a stronger financial future.

 2.       Refinery 29 Money Diaries

Platform(s): Blog, Newsletter

Audience Type: Money Savers 

Money Diaries is an anonymous series of personal stories written from people all across the US, tracking their spending habits over seven days and sharing their experience. The stories cover different areas of the country with different varying cost of living and come from readers of all salary ranges.

Each entry covers occupation, industry, annual salary, monthly expenses and then a daily recap.  All entries are anonymous and are geared towards getting younger generations more comfortable about talking about their money situations and learning from others.

Why should you follow? You can learn money saving tips and tricks from people in similar situations and weigh cost benefits

3.       BrokeMillenial

Platform(s): Blog, Newsletter, Instagram, Youtube

Audience Type: Broke millennials (duh)

Author Erin Lowry, blogs about her experiences to help people take control of their own finances. She covers an array of topics from budgeting, paying down debt to investing. 

She also has a weekly YouTube show 3-Minute Guide where answers questions from her readers in under the time it takes you to watch the most recent Taylor Swift music video.

Instagram handle @brokemillennialblog

Why should you follow? Because you are tired of being a broke millennial! 

4.       The Financial Diet

Platforms: Blog, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Audience Type:  Quarter Life Crisis Types

Applying the same logic we have for wellness, The Financial Diet (TDF) is at aimed creating a balanced budget and investment habits, through personal advice and experience.

Just like you ask your bestie for the recipe for low fat chicken parmesan, TDF is a resource to find an exchange of tips across budgeting, debt, career and investing.

 Instagram handle @thefinancialdiet

 Why should you follow? You want to grow your wallet, not your pant size

 5.       Sallie Krawcheck

Platform (s): LinkedIn and Instagram

Audience Type:  Financial Feminist

Sallie Krawcheck has been breaking the glass ceiling in the American business scene for decades. She’s now helping women invest more and be smarter about their financial future. 

 Through her social media accounts Sallie shares insights on the market and challenges faced by women across topics such as layoffs, financial planning, divorce, buying a house and investing.

 Instagram handle @sallie.krawcheck

 Why should you follow? You want to close that the gender wealth gap.

 6.       Millennial Money Podcast

Platform (s): Podcast, LinkedIn

Audience Type:  The Money Talker

Bringing personal financial stories and tips to your earbuds, host and Certified Financial Planner,  Shannah Game, talks the money and shares stories of successes and challenges.

The weekly podcast focuses on helping millennials jump start their financial journey and think about tough questions that we don’t always want to answer. 

Why should you follow? Sometimes you just need to talk about it

7.       Planet Money

Platform (s): Podcast

Audience type: Everyone

From the makers of This American Life comes one of the best, most easy to listen to finance podcasts. Essentially it's a storytelling podcast with finance as the backdrop. A variety of the world's best journalists combine with experts in their field to tear into the world of finance.

Each episode runs about 20 minutes and they recently launched The Indicator a shorter less than 10 minute deep dive into a money topic.

Why should you follow? The Princess Bride is your favorite movie and you enjoy the journey of storytelling

8.       Up First

Platform (s): Podcast

Audience type: Early Bird

Years of experience yet minutes to get their point of view across. These guys are the heart of what’s going on in Washington and around the world.

 Hosted by Rachel Martin, David Greene and Steve Inskeep, with years of experience. They cover global news in 15 mins. What more do you want?

 Why should you follow? You enjoy some news with your eggs and coffee.

 9.       The Indicator

Platform (s): Podcast

Audience type:  Person on the go

All you need to know in less than 10 minutes. This pod cast makes sense of newsy numbers with impressive efficiency!

Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia host this Planet Money spin-off where the team take quick deep dive into a money topic.

It could be the latest job figure, the amount in your savings account, or the history of the bond.

They are “indicators” that tell us something about the world.

Why should you follow?  You only have 10 minutes

 10.   That Debt Free Life

Platform (s): Instagram, Blog

Audience type:  Anyone trying to get out of debt

Just as compounding interest can help grow your investments; it also can grow your debt through the interest on loans and credit cards.

That Debt Free Life provides tips and financial challenges aimed at maximizing your budget, while minimizing your debt.

Instagram handle @thatdebtfreelife

Why you should follow: Less debt can mean more money to invest

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